What We Do...

Web Development

We specialize in web development using ASP.Net (C#) running in IIS with a SQL Server database back end. We are also very proficient and fluent in PHP and MySQL with IIS or Apache. Luck Dragon Development, Inc. developers have many years experience in creating very dynamic web sites and web applications. This includes e-commerce platforms, SOAP/REST Web Service creation and consumption, WAP decks, intranets, extranets, content management systems, CRM solutions, sites using payment gateway and other web service integration tools, and sites encompassing a variety of other business logic functions. We are up to date with all the newest 'tricks of the trade' (URL rewriting, jQuery, AJAX, etc). That said, we are also fully capable and willing to create standard static HTML sites.


E-Commerce design, development and maintanence is right in our wheelhouse! Our developers have been responsible for the complete architechture, design and implementation of multiple high volume e-commerce web sites. These sites included custom (when we say custom, we mean ground up custom. NOT building off of someone else's code) shopping carts, custom shipping modules with FedEx and freight carrier shipping estimation API integration, payment gateway integration, back-end order processing/intranet/CRM/content manager/internal sales ordering systems, comptetitive pricing analysis systems, integrated reporting modules and internal site search engine implementation. Included in this experience is the integration of new technologies with legacy inventory management systems.


Our developers are very well versed in the mobile development world. Along with a strong WAP deck creation and management skillset, they have extensive experience in writing back end data providers for mobile applications(i.e. intensive processing, GPS lookups, database management for mobile applications). We are also very competent with the Android development environment as well as iPhone development. This includes all the finer skills like: synching with web sites, servers and databases, custom layouts, animations/3D modeling and rendering using the OpenGL ES graphics library, and really anything else you could possibly want your mobile application to do!


Luck Dragon Development can develop your system application with ease! Our developers have created anything from Visual Basic Macro Overloading in Excel to Windows forms applications harnessing such technologies as remoting, multi-threaded environments, and connection/data transfer on the socket layer.