2/20/13 - Get Your Damn Hair Cut!!!

Just finished the Blow! Salon website for Lisa and Brooks over on 38th here in Denver! The location and renovation is pretty incredible considering the challenges they faced! I'm pretty excited to be associated with a good local business that does it right. You should check it out. Oh yeah, their website is pretty bad ass, too. You can do online booking and what not. I'm pretty sure it will also cure type II diabetes. Maybe I'm wrong, that's just what I've heard. Either way, you should at least take a look. Bring your insulin just in case they only do salon stuff...BlowSalonDenver.com

3/6/12 - Blogging Is Tough!!!

This section was created with the expectation that it would be updated to show you what we are up to. Honestly, there was also an alterier motive. Keeping content fresh and relevent with appropriate buzz words (E-Commerce, Android, iPhone, jQuery, Denver, Best, Development, Ever) helps your rankings. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we have been so busy that we have not updated this section in quite a while. Color me ebarassed. I will try to do better. For you. For the kids...

8/22/09 - New Website Complete!

Well, here we are! Our new and improved site finally has a presence on the interwebs!! The new site is basically done (with the exception of the obligitory meta tweaking for better rankings). The idea behind the new site design was to keep it simple. We are here to introduce you to our work and our philosophies on web and mobile development. Anything further should be done on a more personal level anyway. We want to spend our time working on your projects, not our website!!

Our one indulgence is the Playground section of the website. This is where we will be showcasing new things we're learning, as well as new mobile applications, widgets, tools, etc. that we find useful. Of course, this will be kept up as time permits. If things seem outdated, we are probably busy implementing the latest and greatest for a client!

Check here (the blog) for our newest updates on what is going through our creative mind. And as always, feel free to contact us with and inquiries and/or comments!